Together, We Can Make This Auto-Facebooking Camera Harness for Dogs a Reality

April 12 09:53 2016 Print This Article

(Tech Crunch) – The problem with Facebook isn’t the amount of pictures of dogs, it’s the lack of pictures by dogs.

Finally someone is addressing this scourge — unfortunately, it’s an ad agency. So this isn’t a sponsored post, but it may as well be.

“The Posting Tail” is a ridiculous prototype device created by Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid for Pedigree. A Raspberry Pi monitors a tail sensor, waiting for excited wags — which it can, the creators claim, tell apart from ordinary wags. When it detects one, a camera mounted on the stable “croup” area on the back half of the dog (look it up) takes a picture and immediately uploads it to Facebook via an attached mobile data dongle.

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