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Seth Rogen Is Making a Comedy Series About Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity Theory

(GIZMODO) – Futurist Ray Kurzweil has theorized that the technological singularity—the moment when artificial intelligence surpasses all human intelligence and brings about the end of humanity as we know it—will happen

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Ray Kurzweil: Here’s Why Solar Will Dominate Energy Within 12 Years

(Fortune) – That may be tough to swallow, given that solar currently only supplies around 2% of global energy. But Kurzweil’s predictions have been overwhelmingly correct over the last 2

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Reinvent Yourself: The Playboy Interview with Ray Kurzweil

By David Hochman (Playboy Magazine) – Many think author, inventor and data scientist Ray Kurzweil is a prophet for our digital age. A few say he’s completely nuts. Kurzweil, who

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