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Hippocamp: the Moon That Shouldn’t Be There

FUTURISM – 21 February 2019 -Kristin Houser – In 2013, scientists discovered a tiny moon orbiting Neptune. They gave it the forgettable name S/2004 N 1, but it soon earned the nickname of “the

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A Futuristic Mars Colony Is Being 3D-Printed In The Mojave Desert

(Futurism) – Ever wondered what life in Mars could look like? Well, to get the answers you seek, just ask a “Marschitect,” like Vera Mulyani, who founded Mars City Design

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Governments Must Embrace the Information Age or Risk Becoming Obsolete

(TECH CRUNCH) – Thirty-six years ago, American writer and futurist Alvin Toffler wrote his famous The Third Wave, outlining the inevitable transition from a “Second Wave,” characterized by an industrial

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