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Tag "Environment"

Twin Spacecraft to Weigh in on Earth’s Changing Water

(NASA) – 30 April 2018 – pair of new spacecraft that will observe our planet’s ever-changing water cycle, ice sheets, and crust is in final preparations for a California launch

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Controversial Trump Environment Nominee Sworn Iin

(BBC) – US President Donald Trump’s nominee has been sworn in to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Scott Pruitt, a fierce critic of the agency, was approved by the Republican-controlled

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Magnets Could Pull Oil Out of Ocean Before Wildlife is Harmed

By Alice Klein (New Scientist) – It’s an attractive idea. Magnets could be used to pull oil from spills out of the water, with the help of iron oxide nanoparticles.

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App Ensures Tree Grown From Cremated Remains Stays Alive

(Reuters) – The concept of life after death is being given new meaning with a hi-tech invention which allows you to closely monitor the growth of a tree planted using

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Graphene Microbots Slurp Lead From Polluted Water

(CNET) – Humans are pretty effective at messing up everything. Look at all the tech we use. It doesn’t come without a cost. Manufacturing electronics and batteries produces contaminants such

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Ask A Mortician: Body Composting

In her fascinating series, “Ask A Mortician”, mortician Caitlin Doughty discusses the ultimate in Green Living…or, wait…just watch; it’s fun and informative!

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