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Intelligence Bill Drops FBI Bid to Read Americans’ Browser History, Email Records

(ZDNet) – An expansion of powers that would have allowed the government access to Americans’ browsing history and email records has been dropped from the latest intelligence authorization bill. The

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Australia PM Launches Cybersecurity Campaign

By Byron Kaye SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia set out a far-reaching cybersecurity strategy on Thursday, invoking the leaks of United States whistleblower Edward Snowden, terrorism and even the threat of

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Edward Snowden: the Scandal is What the Law Allows

By Spencer Ackerman and Oliver Laughland in New York (The Guardian) – NSA whistleblower responds to admission by Australian federal police that it investigated leaks to a Guardian journalist by requesting his

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Reddit Change Sparks Concerns About U.S. Government Spying

By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Digital privacy advocates and users of Reddit expressed their alarm on Friday over a change in the forum’s transparency report that suggested it may

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