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‘Shock therapy’ Isn’t as Scary as its Name – or the Movies – Suggest

POPULAR SCIENCE – Nicole Westman – 31 January 2019 – Contrary to popular thought, under the right conditions, electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, doctors argue, is usually safe and effective. For

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Zapping the Brain Really Does Seem to Improve Depression

(NEW SCIENTIST) – Now we know – zapping the brain with electricity really does seem to improve some medical conditions, meaning it may be a useful tool for treating depression. By

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How Japan’s AI Schoolgirl Fell Into a Suicidal Depression

(RocketNews24) – October 2016 – The Microsoft-created artificial intelligence leaves a troubling message ahead of acting debut.   Back in the spring, Microsoft Japan started Twitter and Line accounts for Rinna, an AI

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Mind-Altering Drugs Could Treat Mental Disorders

(ACS) WASHINGTON, March 29, 2016 “Psychedelic compounds have had a colorful past.”   Although initially investigated for medical uses, they were banned after cultural and political times changed in the 1960s

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