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YouTube Kids Has Videos on How Reptilians Rule the World, Moon Landing Was Fake

(GIZMODO) by Tom McKay – YouTube Kids, the supposedly child-friendly version of YouTube that’s been shown to often play host to troves of slop content and disturbing videos, apparently was showing videos from British conspiracy theorist David Icke,

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Laser Helps Unlock Antimatter Secrets

(BBC NEWS) – Scientists at Cern have found a new way to unlock the secrets of antimatter. By Paul Rincon In a major technological advance, physicists shone a laser on

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Brexit Could Make Space Boffins All Topsy Wopsy, Innit?

(WIRED) – THE UNITED KINGDOM has opted out of the European Union. The Brexit is a pig’s breakfast, a trough full of implications. And in one sloppy corner is the

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Photonic Billiards Might be the Newest Game

(SPACE DAILY) – When one snooker ball hits another, both spring away from each other in an elastic manner. In the case of two photons a similar process – the

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Large Hadron Collider: Weasel Causes Shutdown

(BBC NEWS) – The Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator at Cern is offline after a short circuit – caused by a weasel. The unfortunate creature did not survive the encounter with

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You Can Now Download 300TB of Data From the Large Hadron Collider

By James Vincent (The Verge) – If you ever wanted to take a look at raw data produced by the Large Hadron Collider, but are missing the necessary physics PhD,

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