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People Are Still Drinking Bleach

ARS TECHNICA (Beth Mole 14 August 2019) The US Food and Drug Administration this week released an important health warning that everyone should heed: drinking bleach is dangerous—potentially life-threatening—and you should not

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A Robert F. Kennedy Jr.-led Vaccine Commission Would Be Bad News

(WIRED) – THE INCOMING PRESIDENTIAL administration’s war against evidence-based policy-making has opened a new front. President-elect Donald Trump announced—or seemed to announce, anyway—that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., nephew of a

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Nasal Spray Device Could Help Those with Schizophrenia

(Reuters) – A nasal spray device that delivers oxytocin to the brain could help those with autism or schizophrenia, say researchers. The team says its device delivers the hormone higher

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SPARK Project to Examine DNA of 50,000 Autistic Kids

(BIOSCIENCE TECHNOLOGY) – A genomics research project hopes to collect and cross-reference the DNA of 50,000 people to better understand the autism spectrum. SPARK, the Sims Foundation Powering Autism Research

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UAE Mobile App Helps Children with Autism

(Reuters) – Babnoor, the first Arabic language app of its kind, launches in the UAE, aiming to help children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Liane Wimhurst reports.   Living

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Global Landmarks Go Blue for World Autism Day

(RTÉ) – Hundreds of landmarks around the world have been illuminated with blue lights tonight to mark World Autism Awareness Day. In Ireland, the National Concert Hall, Kilkenny Castle and the

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