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Stronghold of the Kings in the North

(ARCHAEOLOGY) – Excavations at one of Britain’s most majestic castles help tell the story of an Anglo-Saxon kingdom. By Eric A. Powell On the windswept northeastern coast of England, Bamburgh

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New Thoughts on the Origins of Human Speech

(ARCHAEOLOGY) – GRENOBLE, FRANCE—The Associated Press reports that an international team of researchers led by Louis-Jean Boe of Grenoble Alpes University analyzed 1,335 vocalizations made by male and female baboons

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Big digs: The Year 2016 in Archaeology

(BBC) – 2016 had its fair share of exciting discoveries in the world of archaeology. Together, they reveal the human characteristics that unite us all and expose the impacts that

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Archaeologists Find Signs of Ancient Beer in China

(RTÉ) – The site offers the earliest evidence of beer-making in China, and shows that people of the era had already mastered an “advanced beer brewing technique,” according to a study

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