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Using Glucose Monitors to Detect Other Diseases

(ACS) – Diagnosing disease can be highly technical, costly and time-consuming, which are all challenges that become particularly problematic in low-income and remote locations. Now scientists are reporting in the

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The Impact of Anti-Odor Clothing on the Environment

(ACS) – Anti-odor athletic clothes containing silver nanoparticles have gained a foothold among exercise buffs, but questions have arisen over how safe and effective they are. Now scientists report in

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Transparent Wood Could One Day Help Brighten Homes and Buildings

(ACS) – When it comes to indoor lighting, nothing beats the sun’s rays streaming in through windows. Soon, that natural light could be shining through walls, too. Scientists have developed

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How Can Chemistry Help Prevent Another Flint Water Crisis?

WASHINGTON, March 24, 2016 (ACS) How often do you use water from your tap? Do you trust it? Residents of Flint, Michigan, don’t, and they have a good reason. How

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