SpaceX Updates the Capabilities of its Falcon Rockets on its Website

May 02 08:59 2016 Print This Article

(THE VERGE) – This weekend, SpaceX made a few updates to its website, changing the launch capabilities of its Falcon rockets. The company claims its Falcon 9 rocket can transport nearly twice as much weight into lower Earth orbit as originally listed. The upcoming Falcon Heavy — a much bigger version of the Falcon 9 that’s currently in development — will be able to carry even more than the company said previously.

The biggest change was in regards to the Falcon 9. Originally, SpaceX listed the rocket as being able to launch close to 29,000 pounds into lower Earth orbit. Now, the Falcon 9 can launch more than 50,000 pounds to LEO, according to SpaceX. The company also claims the Falcon 9 can get a payload weighing 8,860 pounds to Mars. CEO Elon Musk indicated on Twitter that SpaceX didn’t make any physical changes to the rocket’s engines, but testing revealed the vehicle was even more robust.

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