Southern Cross: Astrophotographer’s Stunner

Southern Cross: Astrophotographer’s Stunner
April 04 11:10 2016 Print This Article

(Discovery News) – Like many astrophotographers, Greg Redfern takes images of the night sky. But his unique view, from a ship on the ocean, lends a particular style to his images.

“I give astro-space lectures on cruise ships so I took my astrophotography passion with me to sea and the results have been quite gratifying,” Redfern wrote in an email to

Redfern took this image of the Southern Cross on Feb. 17, 2016 while aboard the Azamara Quest in the Coral Sea-Great Barrier Reef. The image shows the Coal Sack, the Southern Cross, Eta Carinae and various young star clusters as well as the Milky Way. There are numerous dust streamers visible as well. [Exploring the Famous Southern Cross Constellation]

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