Revolutionary New Screen Technology Could Triple The Resolution Of Your TV

Revolutionary New Screen Technology Could Triple The Resolution Of Your TV
February 22 09:47 2017 Print This Article

(HUFF POST) – Think your 4K TV is sharp? Well scientists are working on a radical new screen technology that if perfected could triple the resolution of current displays.  By Thomas Tamblyn

With this new technology Apple’s iPhone display could theoretically bump from just 401ppi in the iPhone 7 Plus to an eye-watering 1,203ppi.

It’s a technological leap that could propel virtual reality into the mainstream. Currently one the biggest problems holding VR technology back is that their displays are often too low a resolution.

However with a display that boasts triple the pixels the image would be considerably clearer.

So how does it work? Well prepare for some fairly complex technical terminology.

You see the conventional LCD screens use a thin layer of nematic liquid crystal through which a white LED light is then shined through.

Each pixel then contains three subpixels which displays red, green and blue in varying quantities allowing the screen to create the desired colour.

Only one line of pixels at a time can be shown at a time, however all of this happens so fast that our brain just converts it automatically into the image that you’re looking at right now.

Now imagine a technology that’s capable of refreshing so fast that instead of a single colour being assigned to a subpixel, that subpixel could show all three colours at once.

The team of researchers from the University of Central Florida’s College of Optics and Photonics believe this blue phase liquid crystal technology can effectively triple the resolution of current displays.

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