Perth Cycling Team Maps a Journey Resembling a Goat

Perth Cycling Team Maps a Journey Resembling a Goat
March 16 11:41 2017 Print This Article

(NEWSHUB) – A Perth amateur cycling team posted a photo of their mapped ride – and the 202 kilometre ride makes for some glorious GPS art.

Riders were asked why they’d do such a thing. Their response: why not?

The goat map, posted to Reddit, is the product of a carefully tracked seven hour journey they mapped on app Strava.

Jenbonez, who posted the photo, says they chose a goat because it was easy to draw, and he and his partner are about to have their first kid, so the pun made it seem fitting.

The team, named FGTCLB.CC, completed the ride in seven hours, but an extra hour was added to their journey for snack stops and to change flat tyres.

And while it may seem like a long ride, the group say they all rode at least 10,000 kilometres each in 2016, so the big ride was a bit of fun.

The Reddit user, whose real name is Ben Jones, says GPS art has been happening for a long time and while the goat doodle is impressive, it’s nothing on some of the ones they’ve seen before.

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