MIT Media Lab Founder: Biotech Will Grow Computers

MIT Media Lab Founder: Biotech Will Grow Computers
May 25 10:20 2016 Print This Article

AUSTIN, Texas—The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab has been pioneering the future of technology since it was co-founded by Nicholas Negroponte in 1985. Although he admits more misses than hits, Negroponte recently (May 18) looked back on his past successes during his keynote address to the NXP/FTF Forum audience in Austin, Texas. He also gave predictions for the 21st century, asking how can we “grow” the computers of the future using biotechnology.

“I’ve been to the future many times, mostly predicting what the future will be in 10 years from now, but when it gets here its always different from what I predicted, and we have to make a whole new set of predictions,” said Negroponte. “I’ve made a series of such round trips now, and as a result want to present a bizarre point of view that I believe really can predict the future.”

He doesn’t give us the aphorism “nothing stays the same except change,” but really has a notion about how it is that people change the world.

For instance, there’s a big disconnect between what people really want and what the focus groups suggest they want.

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