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About INTERSEKT Online

INTERSEKT Online was created to facilitate access to a broad range of global news in the technology and science verticals with an emphasis on the science and tech of ocean conservation, exploration and development, and the exploration, development and move into space. We believe that knowledge is essential for the exploration, innovation and creativity that fuels our exponential growth as a species. To that end, we are committed to providing a resource site, bringing together the news, research and literature to foster open dialogue, effective collaboration and formidable action within the sea-to-space arenas.

Our goal here is not to bring another news source into the fray, adding to the already impossible-to-keep-up-with mass of information to digest and search through, but to provide an interesting, pertinent and innovative resource, curating meaningful content from global news services, governmental agencies, scientific trade organizations and associations, original scientific and editorial works from within the science and tech communities, along with multi-media resources including virtual and augmented reality content, video and podcasts. To that end you will always find links to the original content on each post so that you may easily follow the author or publisher away from this platform.

By bringing together reputable mainstream news, interesting and intriguing work from a wide variety of experts, innovators, explorers and enthusiasts, we hope to provide both a rich and captivating read each day, as well as a little fun and entertainment, illuminating in our small way that which is brightest and best about our work as individuals and as a species to move humanity forward in our universe.

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