Goodbye Eye Strain?

June 14 09:00 2016 Print This Article

(Reuters) –  new eye massager created in Taiwan promises to help relieve the strain caused by intensive screen use. Sharon Reich reports.

It looks like a virtual reality device, but in fact, this gadget is meant to soothe and massage your eyes after prolonged screen time.

The Aurai mask pumps water around each eye, creating a massaging sensation.

Geoffrey Sung is the designer in charge of the project – he says it’s the first eye massager to be sold globally.


“There is cooling, vibration and heating. The commands for those simple functions are transmitted into the mask, so that the motors in here can send water into the mask.”

Sung says that what’s really interesting is the mask’s ability to control the temperature of the water using a cold inducing wafer. So a cycle of hot water that is created by waste heat, can be exchanged for cool water.

The biggest challenge for the team — fitting pumps, motors and the control board into the small mask.

Project manager Eric Chu.


“We found the smallest button shaped motor in the world. Placed in an appropriate spot, it can slowly amplify the rippling effect. So when the users put on (the massager) they not only feel the water flow by, but there is also a sensation of something gently patting (the eye). As to the functions, we set options for weak and strong, so users can choose the intensity of vibrations according to their preferences.”

The jury is still out on whether or not there are medical benefits to using the Aurai, but that doesn’t seem to matter. After all, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t enjoy a spa-like treatment like this.