Golf Jetpack Cuts Time From Tee to Green

July 21 10:40 2016 Print This Article

(Reuters) – World number 6 golfer Bubba Watson has joined forces with a New Zealand-based company to show off what’s been dubbed the ‘world’s first golf jetpack.’ Matthew Stock reports.

Caddies could soon be out of a job.

Jetpacks might one day be the best way to get around the golf course.

World number 6 Bubba Watson took part in this stunt to celebrate golf’s return to the Olympics after more than 100 years.

The vehicle is a customised version of the petrol-powered Martin Jetpack P12, which has undergone thousands of hours of tests.

The updated rotary engine P14 model goes on sale later this year, reportedly for $200,000.

It will fly for up to 30 minutes at a top speed of 74 kilometres per hour, and altitudes reaching 1000 metres.

It’s primarily aimed at emergency responders and search and rescue missions.

But Watson said an aerial golf buggie would be a perfect way to get his bag and equipment around the course.

Aerial views of the fairway, he said, would also give a new perspective when planning his next shot.

Olympic golf landed in the rough recently after several big stars pulled out.

But if jetpacks one day replace golf carts, interest in the sport could be sky high