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(Nerdist) – Over the last few years it seems the internet has turned a critical eye on one of the most beloved holiday films ever made and come away with one conclusion; Home Alone is actually Lil’ Die Hard. OK, well, maybe more than one conclusion because a lot of the fans have come to realize that the traps that protagonist (and junior psychopath) Kevin McCallister came up with in the 1990 film would have done substantially more damage than what was presented to us.

Jake Roper, from the incredible Vsauce team, gave the world a bit of an early Christmas gift this year by analyzing a few of the booby traps from the film. In a recreation of the McCallister home, Roper set out to test the hand-burning hot doorknob, the swinging paint cans both Wet Bandits received to their faces, and an added bonus of the crowbar to the chest that Marv doles out to Harry. The results of the tests are… frightening, to say the least. Turns out, the doorknob is substantially more dangerous to Kevin and the safety of the home than it would be to the bandits as the temperatures needed to transfer enough heat to the outside knob would likely first melt the door or at least set it on fire. The crowbar to the chest would have sent Harry to the morgue since the recreated blow would have punctured his lungs and heart, but that’s inconsequential as Kevin McCallister would have have already murdered both of them with the paint can trap.

The impact from a swinging paint can is absolutely devastating and, as shown in Roper’s video, would nearly knock your head off of your shoulders. This display of Home Alone mayhem has proven what we’ve always suspected: Kevin McCallister would be a murderer if it weren’t for the two burglars and their super-human ability to take such abuse.

What are your thoughts on the tests? Kevin would be in prison if it weren’t for the durability of the Wet Bandits, right? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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