eeMod is Released, a Revolutionary Arduino Compatible Prototyping Platform

April 14 10:32 2016 Print This Article

Introducing eeMod, an Arduino compatible integrated development platform created by eeRoots that makes electronic prototyping simple, inexpensive and fun. Designed to be the first and last development model needed, the eeMod replaces complicated stacks of boards and wires with a simple integrated platform that contains 20 of the most useful sensors and modules for home automation, robotics, electronic control and learning to code.

“With other modules, buying sensors or add-ons and connecting wires or stacking multiple boards to include certain features in projects is a constant need. It’s a messy, expensive and time consuming process…. eeRoots strives to make simple and useful products that save people time and money while keeping things fun and flexible,” said Reuben Ferrante, Founder of eeRoots.

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