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NTT R&D Forum 2016

Annual Showcase for the Research and Development Focusing on Buru-Navi, Research on Replicating Human Motor Control (Reuters)  NTT R&D Forum 2016 was an annual showcase for the research and development

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Alphabet Puts Robot-Maker Boston Dynamics up for Sale: Bloomberg

(Reuters) – Alphabet Inc <GOOGL.O> has put Boston Dynamics, part of its robotics division, up for sale for lack of revenue potential, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the plans.

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Robotic Arm Allows ‘Cyborg Drumming’

(Reuters) A two-foot long ‘smart arm’ programmed to work seamlessly with the beat, rhythm, and speed of a drummer’s playing could allow more inventive three-armed musicianship, say its inventors. Jim

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Robot Roaches to the Rescue

Scientists are studying cockroaches, one of the most hated creatures on the planet, to help develop an agile and virtually indestructible robot that can crawl through walls in search of

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Google Artificial Intelligence Program Beats S. Korean Go Pro with 4-1 Score

By Jee Heun Kahng and Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) – Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) program on Tuesday beat South Korean professional Lee Sedol in the ancient board game Go,

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