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Living Structural Materials Could Open New Horizons for Engineers and Architects

(DARPA) – DARPA seeks to develop design tools and methods for creating programmable, self-healing, living building materials The structural materials that are currently used to construct homes, buildings, and infrastructure

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Biosphere 2: The World’s Largest Earth Science Laboratory You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

(HUFF POST UK) – From the outside, Biosphere 2 looks like a film set for the latest James Bond movie. Futuristic brilliant white and gold domes, a towering glass pyramid

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Dutch Inventor Develops Low-Tech Water Harvester Artwork

(Reuters) – A solar-powered wooden fountain that condenses water from the air around it goes on display in the Netherlands. Amy Pollock reports. Art meets science in this sculpture on

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This Autonomous Garden Would Roll Its Way to the Perfect Plot

By Jamie Condliffe (GIZMODO) – If you lack the skills to keep plants alive, this architectural concept might appeal. Called Hortum Machina B, the sphere contains electronics that enable it to

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