British Scientists Are Flipping Out About Brexit

British Scientists Are Flipping Out About Brexit
June 26 11:58 2016 Print This Article

(GIZMODO) – Britain is saying goodbye to the European Union, a monumental decision that’s triggering some serious alarm bells among the country’s researchers. Here’s why they have a right to be worried.

For months, scientists and environmentalists in the UK have been warning about the consequences of a Brexit. And now it’s actually happened. It’ll likely take a couple of years for Britain to negotiate its way out of the EU, but researchers around the country are already worried about what this divorce means to them, their jobs, and the state of the British union.

No doubt, Britain’s historic decision to extricate itself from the European Union is poised to have a pronounced effect on science funding, research, regulation, and the environment.

“This is a poor outcome for British science and so is bad for Britain,” declared Paul Nurse, a Nobel-prize winning geneticist, to a group of journalists. He said that British scientists will now have to figure out a way to “counter the isolationism of Brexit if our science is to continue to thrive,” adding that science “thrives on the permeability of ideas and people, and flourishes in environments that pool intelligence, minimize barriers and are open to free exchange and collaboration.”

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