3-D Printed Igloo Wins Mars Habitat Contest

3-D Printed Igloo Wins Mars Habitat Contest
April 16 08:46 2016 Print This Article

(Discovery News) – Will NASA’s first Martian colony be built from ice?

The agency has awarded the first place prize in its 3-D Printed Mars Habitat Contest to the visually stunning Mars Ice House, a sleek structure that aims to harness the Red Planet’s liquid water and low temperatures to build a “multi-layered pressurized radiation shell of ice.”

The structure is essentially a series of nested ice shells. A novel “front yard” pocket between the structure’s outer shell and interior domes will allow Mars astronauts to experience a “truly unique protected neutral zone that is not entirely interior or exterior.” Just inside the front yard, a lush hydroponic garden will provide both food and oxygen to the structure’s residents.

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